Symposium 2016 - Age of Uncertainty?


Globalization, internationalization, integration …  

we reached an age where the only constant is rapid change.


The SCOPE Symposium 2016 aimed to deal with this all-present uncertainty from a political, economic and business point of view. We discovered the different facets of uncertainty in these aspects of our lives.


Politicians and Economists have been dealing with the future of the European Union for years trying to bring the European society forward, yet again we are all facing a challenging time where our willingness to integrate is tested. How are politicians as mediators of the nations supposed to deal with the uncertainty that forms the peoples’ fears?


Emerging markets appeared to be bigger, faster developing and more important than ever before. Countries that are characterized by rapid change and new market structures create a lot of questions.  While some still worry whether these (BRIC) countries present a future threat to the industrialized wold, others see opportunities of growth and innovation. However latest voices ask whether this growth can be sustainable in the future.


The financial crisis forced businesses towards new measures and strategies and tested personal as well as corporate ability to manage crises once more. We can learn from those who survived the shocks of the financial crisis in the last years, as well as those who did not.  Additionally, fast changing technologies and the digital century are posting challenges on modern corporations. 


Uncertainty is an important aspect of our lives, presenting fears,

question, opportunities and challenges.


Symposium 2016 panels included: Crisis Management, United States of Europe, Emerging Markets at the Edge and FinTech

This Symposium attempted to discuss and find answers to these questions and challenges. Most importantly we would like to encourage you all to realize the uncertainty around you and not see it as a threat or an acceptable condition but as an opportunity, because: 


“When nothing is sure, everything is possible!”


Some of the speakers that participated in last year symposium included: