Symposium 2015 - Sustainable Future?


What kind of world do we want for the future? How can companies develop sustainable core competencies? What opportunities lay before us, and what challenges will we experience?


In response to the increasing demand of society and the environment for acting sustainable, companies find themselves in a situation in which they need to simultaneously explore new opportunities while at the same time focus on their existing core competencies. Since this topic will become of growing importance in the future we decided on giving our first annual Symposium the overall theme of:

“Sustainable Future? Exploring Opportunities“


With this topic we want to shine a light on the future opportunities, possibilities and difficulties that we as a society - as well as future members of companies and corporations - will experience.


Throughout our panel discussion and workshops we will touch upon topics that relate to sustainable aspects in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Economics and Econometrics and hope to initiate interesting and challenging discussions. By putting emphasis on a sustainable future we hope that we will be able to broaden the students understandings of what our generation will have to focus upon and the opportunities as well as the challenges companies face nowadays and will face in the future.


Panels for Symposium 2015 included:

1. Corporate Mindset: Challenging the main mindset

2. Opportunities for the Financial Sector: Serving a Sustainable Economy


Some speakers that participated in last year symposium included: