Our Committee




My name is David Scheer and I am the chairman of the SCOPE Symposium 2017. Currently, I am in the first year of my bachelor studies in International Business at Maastricht University. As the chairman of the third SCOPE Symposium, I have the final responsibility for the strategy, organization and day-to-day management of the motivated team behind this amazing event. This year, our challenge is to build upon the foundation we created in the two last years and bring the event to the next level. I am very much looking forward to making this an unforgettable event for all parties involved and hope to see many of you at the SCOPE Symposium on the 8th of May 2017.




My name is Celina Rehm and I am in the second year of my Bachelor studies in International Business. As an external, I am responsible for getting in contact and communicating with companies from Germany.  My challenge is to find appropriate and interesting guest speakers who make this year’s Symposium even more value-adding. I believe that the Symposium is a great enrichment for students and speakers and will provide a great insight into our chosen topic ‘CHANGERATION Y’. Together with my committee members, I am looking forward to creating a successful and unforgettable event. Hope to see you all in May!




I am Victoria Krah Ripoll, currently in my first year International Business studies. As international external for the Symposium, I am together with Irene and Celina responsible for this years’ guest speakers which I am very pleased to welcome in Maastricht. Together with you, we will make the 3rd Maastricht Symposium a great success and we hope you will spend an enriching and fun time with us- be it at the Symposium discussion itself or at the network drinks afterward!




My name is Irene Berendse and I am a Master student in Organizational Learning and Development at the School of Business and Economics. As external of the Netherlands, I am responsible for the communication with all the Dutch companies and international companies located in the Netherlands who will attend the Symposium event. This will be the third Scope Symposium and I would like to make it a great success. It will be an enrichment for both, the speakers and the student of Maastricht University. I am looking forward to the Symposium in 2017 and hope to see you all on the 8th of May.




My name is Julia Lenz and I am in the second year of my Bachelor studies in International Business. I am responsible for the location and operations of the Symposium. I am making sure that we find a suitable location and that everything is perfectly set up on the day of the event. I am looking forward to creating a great event together with other members of my committee and to host an interesting Symposium for you. I am sure we can make the third SCOPE Symposium a huge success with great speakers and a lot of fun. See you on the 8th May! 




My name is Marie-Theres Trattner, I am from Austria and currently in my second year of my Bachelor studies in International Business. In my role as an academic coordinator, I am responsible for the academic contacts within the different faculties of our university, as well as for the academic content of the Symposium. I am looking forward to organizing such a value-adding academic event and I am glad to be part of this committee. Together with my team members, I am looking forward to planing and host a memorable Symposium this year.




My name is Magdalena Janczara and I am in my first year of my Bachelor studies in Economics. I am responsible for the marketing of the whole event. Past Symposia has been a great success and I believe that this year's event will be as extraordinary and interesting for everyone involved. I am knee to see all of you and I hope that this event will exceed your expectations and add a greater value to your studies and a greater understanding of our generation.