As the past years SCOPE Symposiums turned out to be great success, we have taken upon us to continue organising such an important event, this is why we are very pleased to announce that the third edition of the symposium is going to take place on the 8th of April 2017. It is an event organised by SCOPE Maastricht, which is a student organisation that is working closely with Maastricht School of Business and Economics. We are striving to not only create academic value but also to broaden the horizon of all participants.


This one-day Symposium is an occasion bringing together speakers, companies and students to discuss and debate on up-to-date topics. The topic of this year is " CHANGERATION Y, How Our Generation Changes the Future”. The SCOPE Symposium provides a platform for all participants to take part in discussions, which will address different topics to capture diverse interests. With this event, we want to provide the opportunity to bring excellent students and prestigious companies together by providing interesting insights as well as a networking opportunities throughout the day.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at the SCOPE Symposium 2017!